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Staff Development Courses

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LEAD - Leadership module

Team Dynamics (For Management & Excluded)

Duration: 1 days
Target population: All staff members in management and excluded positions
Cost: $0
Course objectives:
Workshop Objectives

•Provide supervisors with a clear vision of their role as leaders, motivators, and organizers in a group environment.

•Familiarize participants with key concepts of how to manage and influence behaviour of groups and teams.

•Provide essential tools that can be used on a daily basis to create an environment that will foster motivation, participation and discretionary effort.
By the end of the course, participants will know how to:

•Communicate and manage employees in even the most difficult situations;

•Draw on their leadership style to create a clear set of guidelines and principles that govern their work place;

•Delegate assignments for success and motivation;

•Build a plan to influence key employee behaviours that impact performance;

•Give and receive feedback to create a work environment based on trust and information sharing;

•Identify key drivers that motivate teams and groups; and

•Maximize their own management strengths to become better team leaders.

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