Policy against Sexual Violence Implementation Committee (2019-2020)



  • Sinead Hunt, Senior Equity & Inclusion Advisor (Chair)
  • Francis Desjardins, Director, Labour and Employee Relations, Human Resources 
  • Émilie Marcotte, Sexual Violence Response Advisor, OSVRSE 
  • Shaquiera Hamilton, External Coordinator, SACOMSS 
  • Chris Carson, Associate Director, Campus Public Safety
  • Pierre Boisseau, Senior Director, Institutional Communications
  • Brent Madigan, Interim Associate Director Residence Life, Student Housing and Hospitality Services 
  • Vera Romano, Director, Student Wellness Hub / Kathleen Bateman, Associate Director Wellness & Outreach, Student Wellness Hub 
  • Teri Phillips, Director, Office for Students with Disabilities, Student Services 
  • Sylvie Beliveau, Senior Advisor Varsity Program, Athletics & Recreation 
  • Robin Beech, Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Rebekah Elkerton, Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator, Indigenous Studies Program 
  • Jysiane Cardot, student representative
  • Seham Elgazzar, student representative
  • Chloe Kemeni, student representative
  • Kit Mitchell, student representative
  • Francesca Capozzi, postdoctoral fellow representative


Terms of Reference

McGill’s Policy against Sexual Violence (Policy) mandates the creation of a standing committee to oversee its implementation. The mandate of this committee is set out at s. 9 of the Policy, which provides:

  1. This Policy’s objectives shall be pursued and monitored by a standing implementation committee that includes representation of students, academic staff, and administrative and support staff. This committee will evaluate and report on:

a. the allocation of resources for pursuing the Policy’s objectives, including provision for appropriate and accessible physical space for the OSVRSE;
b. the appointment of adequate and qualified staff within the OSVRSE with capacity to respond to, and develop awareness about, the impact that potentially intersecting factors, such as racial, religious, gender and sexual identity, may have on experiences of Sexual Violence;
c. the establishment, within the OSVRSE, of services to inform and support Survivors, especially in connection with navigating Disclosure and Reporting processes;
d. the development of a confidential monitoring framework, which includes recording the number of Disclosures and Reports, to ensure ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of the University’s responses to Sexual Violence, and to inform Senate reporting and the triennial review of this Policy;
e. the review and strengthening of existing support, education, communication, prevention, and training measures and resources, including those provided through existing orientation sessions for students, academic staff, and administrative and support staff;
f. educational strategies and initiatives, bearing in mind the University’s obligation to ensure training for all Members of the University community about Sexual Violence, its prevention, and University resources for responding to Disclosures and Reports;
g. stakeholder engagement and consultation (for example: SSMU, PGSS, MACES, MCSS, SACOMSS, McGill Equity Education Advisors, JBSCE, AGSEM, AMURE, AMUSE, MAUT, MUNACA, MUNASA, MCLIU, SEU);
h. the review, through consultation with Security Services, of University infrastructure and safety measures to maintain the physical safety of the campus premises, notably in University residences.

Accordingly, an Implementation Committee (IC) shall be struck and mandated to carry out the responsibilities set by the Policy, section 9. The IC’s central activities will include:

  1. Ensuring that the Office for Sexual Violence, Response, Support & Education can carry out its mandate effectively in connection with education, survivor support, and confidential data collection about disclosures so that the University will have a robust understanding of the nature and scope of sexual violence incidents affecting University community members;
  2. Assessing campus sexual violence prevention and response education initiatives;
  3. Evaluating communications about the Policy and associated resources;
  4. Consulting with various relevant campus services and offices to ensure that protocols and measures reflect and further the Policy’s objectives; and
  5. Making recommendations to strengthen the Policy and associated Procedures or resources as the IC deems appropriate.

The IC will meet at least four times annually, beginning in Fall 2019.

Where the IC deems that revisions to the Policy or to its associated Procedures or resources are required for the Policy’s implementation, the IC shall make recommendations to the Working Group established by s. 51 of the Policy.


  • Senior Equity & Inclusion Advisor (Chair)
  • Representative, Human Resources
  • Representative, OSVRSE
  • Representative, Campus Security Services
  • Representative, Communications
  • Representative, Student Housing and Hospitality Services
  • Representative, Health & Wellness
  • Representative, Student Services
  • Representative, Athletics & Recreation
  • One member of academic staff
  • One member of administrative and support staff
  • 4 students, including representation from undergraduate, graduate, continuing studies and Macdonald Campus students
  • One postdoctoral fellow
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