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The Senior Equity & Inclusion Advisor (SEIA) oversees the integration of equity work at the University—such as programming, resource development, and the intake of complaints—under the guidance of McGill’s Policy on Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law.

Reporting to the Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Policies), the SEIA’s mandate is to proactively educate and raise awareness about equity within the University community in order to advance McGill’s responsibility to prevent Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law.

""The SEIA serves as the intake person for any member of the University community—including students, faculty or staff—who wishes to file a complaint of harassment or discrimination under the Policy. You can also reach out to the SEIA if you have questions about the Policy, if you are looking for a referral to resources and support, or if you are developing an initiative at McGill to prevent and respond to campus-based harassment and discrimination.

The SEIA also oversees and supports the Assessors, who are members of the University community that carry out investigations under the Policy and submit a report of results and recommendations to the Provost.

McGill's SEIA is Sinead Hunt. Ms. Hunt holds a BA in International Relations from Pomona College, an MA in International Relations from Yale University, and a JD from Yale Law School.   


SEIA listening to a student

Contact the SEIA

You can contact the SEIA to ask questions, discuss your case, book an appointment, or start the process of making a complaint under the Policy.

Phone: (514) 398-6419
Email: sinead.hunt [at]