The Assessors

You can reach out to any Assessor to discuss your situation in confidence

What is an Assessor?

Assessors are members of the University community who investigate Complaints received under McGill's Policy on Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law. Half of the Assessors are members of academic staff and half are members of administrative and support staff.

How are Assessors selected and how long do they serve?

Assessors are chosen from a broad selection of McGill faculties and units to reflect the diversity of our community. The Provost consults with university-level student associations, staff associations and unions to select Assessors, whose appointment is then approved by Senate. Assessors report directly to the Provost and serve three-year terms.

Should I contact the Senior Equity and Inclusion Advisor (SEIA) or an Assessor to discuss my case?

Typically, the SEIA is the first point of contact for inquiries and assigns Complaints to the Assessors. However, you may also contact an Assessor directly if you feel more comfortable discussing your situation with that person.

Who are the current Assessors?

The current Assessors are:

  • Niladri Basu, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, 2019-2022
    > 514-398-8642, niladri.basu [at] (Email)
  • Sara Laimon, Schulich School of Music, 2018-2021
    >514-398-5197, sara.laimon [at] (Email)
  • Myriam Larose, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science, 2019-2022
    >514-398-5111, myriam.larose [at] (Email)
  • Alexander Liepins, Student Life & Learning, 2019-2022
    >514-398-1359, alexander.liepins [at] (Email)
  • Cindy Mancuso, Student Services, 2018-2021
    >514-398-3304 ext.0766, cindy.mancuso [at] (Email)
  • Erica Moodie, Faculty of Medicine, 2018-2021
    >514-398-5520, erica.moodie [at] (Email)
  • Chidinma Offoh-Robert, Faculty of Engineering, 2018-2021
    >514-398-2913, chidinma.offoh-robert [at] (Email)
  • Petra Rohrbach, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, 2017-2020
    > 514-398-7726, petra.rohrbach [at] (Email)
  • Brian Rubineau* Desautels Faculty of Management, 2017-2020 (*on sabbatical leave, 2018-2019)
    > 514-398-5663, brian.rubineau [at] (Email)
  • Tracy Webb, Faculty of Science, 2017-2020
    > 514-398-7226, tracy.webb [at] (Email)