Current Student Information

All new students accepted for Fall 2016 term must confirm on Minerva that they have accepted their offer of admission before they can register for their program of admission.

Please refer to the GPS website for registration guidelines. Note that the add/drop period for Fall 2016 ends on September 20, 2016.

For information on fees and required legal documents, please refer to this page.

PLEASE NOTE: The MA program (45 credits) is designed to be completed in one year in three terms of residence—Fall 2016, Winter 2017, and Summer 2017 semesters—to graduate in Fall 2017.

Full fees will be charged for the three (3) terms of residence

and you should plan to budget accordingly. Should you require more than three terms to complete your program, you will then be charged fees for an additional session (MA thesis) or for a non-thesis extension (MA non-thesis).

For MA fee information for 2016-2017, students should refer to this page.

International students should also be aware that they are required to carry health insurance for the duration of their studies, at an extra cost. Please see International Student Services.

Once you register as a graduate student, you are responsible for all fees associated with registration. Should your circumstances change after registration (e.g., you withdraw from the university), please get in touch with the History Department as soon as possible, as there are deadline dates to adhere to and forms to be completed in order to avoid being charged fees for the year. Refer to the Calendar of Dates.

International students should also refer to the McGill International Student Services website for important information concerning immigration, health insurance (as mentioned above), etc.