Healthy Relationships

Different Types of Relationships

We all have different types of relationships in our lives, from professional to platonic, committed to casual, with roommates, with our families, and more. The one thing they all have in common is the importance of communication and respect. Relationships of all sorts take work to create and maintain, but provide us with happiness, support, and more awesome things!

Setting Boundaries

It’s important to set boundaries in relationships. Make sure you’re letting people know what you expect and need from them, as well as what you can give and contribute from your end. Boundaries look different to different people and in different types of relationships: for example, maybe you’re okay with your roommate calling you at three in the morning, but not your lab partner. It’s up to you to set clear boundaries, and keep people in the loop if your boundaries change.

Regular Check-Ins

Communication is essential in healthy relationships, but that communication can look different to different people. Some people like to check in once a month with a partner, whereas others prefer to have shorter chats more often. Maybe you like having a set sit down time once a week or you prefer to be more spontaneous. Whatever your style, make sure you’re talking to make sure everyone involved in your relationships is happy and to listen to any concerns they might have.

Honesty and Respect

All relationships require mutual respect and honesty. Everyone deserves to feel safer and respected in their relationships. Respect the boundaries others set, and be honest about your own actions. Healthy relationships take work, but they’re worth it!