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Spin Bike Gardens

There’s no one right way to spin to get your brain boost! 

Spin Bike Gardens (SBG) is project aimed at promoting mental health and wellbeing at McGill. These spaces are equipped with silent spin bikes surrounded by lots of plants, and meditative art. These spaces conveniently provide students and staff with needed mental and physical breaks, across campus in libraries and other buildings. A short spin break can help reduce overall stress while boosting energy levels and mental wellness, right in the spaces that we are learning and working. 

Spin Bike Gardens are for everybody. No experience is required. We strive to promote a safe space for doable exercise breaks, with each space providing clear visual guidelines. 

Find a Spin Bike Garden Near You 

Spin Bike Garden Map

  • McIntyre 3rd Floor, near Osler Library  (Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm)
  • Redpath Library 1st floor, in group study area (see library website for hours)
  • Trottier 5th floor, in open computer lab (Monday to Friday: 7am-9pm, Weekends: card access only)
  • Brown Building 4th floor, east wing (Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm, One Body Total Trainer Bike)

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The Spin Bike Gardens Project was conceived by a primary care nurse at McGill Student Health Services. After working with busy students and reading up on the state of mental health on campus, we saw that there was a need for convenient, accessible and inclusive exercise which would also serve as an effective tool for mental health promotion for McGill students and staff, right in the places where they are using their brains the most. Most people are aware of the benefits of exercise but can find it difficult to actually integrate it into their daily lives.  

Why it Works

Moderate-intensity physical activity is a great tool for maintaining mental health. While at the Spin Bike Garden simply hop on and get moving for 10-20 minutes. Try reaching the point where you can talk while spinning but cannot comfortably sing. It is at this intensity of exercise that immediate mental wellness benefits are achieved, such as increased alertness, concentration, and a mood boost! All thanks to increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, thereby increasing the total volume of blood travelling to your brain! 

There will be questions posted near the exits, prompting you to reflect on your experience. 

What it Looks Like

The research is very clear on the benefits of exercise, plants, and lighting on mental health, so all these aspects have been woven into our space selection and design. The spaces are designed to be of high quality, sustainable materials that will both last and appeal to the users. Phone chargers, electrical outlets, and USB plug in’s are incorporated into the custom Modules so you can recharge both your phone and your brain! A quiet fan is there to keep you cool and cleaning solution if you wish to wipe off the bike. There is also space to hang your jacket and even supervise your book bag, in front of you while you take a spin break. 


Contact Us

An initiative of Student Services, funded by the Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) and Student Services Innovation Fund, Spin Bike Gardens aims for you to refresh your mind,  boost energy and spin off stress.  

Please give you self a brain boost at one or all of the locations spaces and let us know what you think.  We would love to hear from the McGill Community.  

louise.lockhart [at] (Email Louise Lockhart, RN)