Peer Health Educators


Peer Health Educators work to promote the following health topics:Our 2017-2018 Peer Health Educators preparing care kits during the exam period.

  • Eating Well
  • Body Positivity
  • Physical Activity & Active Living
  • Mental Health Care
  • Sexual Health
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Consent
  • Alcohol and Safer Partying Education
  • Campus Health & Wellness Resources

Each of our PHE teams works around campus to:

  • Plan and execute events and campaigns on these health topics, including #SelfCareChallenge, panels, & regular tabling.
  • Conduct in-person outreach at various campus events and locations.
  • Facilitate workshops and presentations on topics relating to health & well-being, including Server Training
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other on-campus groups.
  • Develop online communications for social media to educate students about their health and resources available to them (Facebook, Instagram).
  • Stay up to date on resources and information relevant to on-campus well-being.
  • Create and design promotional posters, bookmarks, business cards, and displays.

*Peer Health Educators perform the role of outreach and education and are not replacements for professional services, counselling, or advice. Our goal is to provide students with health information and referral to services.

Peer Health Educator Qualifications:

  • Interest in health issues and how these health issues impact university students.
  • A McGill student in good academic standing who has completed a minimum of one year of study at McGill.
  • Excellent communication, organizational skills, and reliability.
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team environment.
  • Must be available to work 10-12 hours/ week.

There are many other ways to get involved on campus to improve the health and well-being of your fellow students. For undergraduates, SSMU has clubs and services with whom you can volunteer.  Graduate students can contact PGSS.