About Us: Programs and Outreach

An initiative of McGill Student Services, Healthy McGill connects you to resources, support and information to help you live healthy at McGill.  We recognize that 'health' means something different to everyone and encourage students to make decisions that are right for them. We do outreach both online and in-person to students on campus.

Our peer health educators promote healthy living around campus. They do this by organizing campaigns around specific health topics (for example: contraception, body positivity, mental health awareness, study breaks, and more), tabling to promote health and well-being and educate students about different health strategies and collaborating with other groups on campus.


We are committed to the following values:

  • Harm reduction
  • Peer education
  • Sex-positivity
  • Evidence-based & Accurate information
  • Inclusiveness & Accessibility
  • Balanced, active living
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration









Sexual Health & Healthy Relationships

McGill students come from diverse communities and cultures. For this reason, our focus is on outreach that is sex positive, harm-reductionist, and non-judgmental. It means not judging someone for their views and opinions, but rather accepting them for who they are, allowing for smoother discourse. The Sexual Health team integrates these methods into our workshops, campaigns, and events in hopes of promoting sexual health knowledge within the McGill community.




Alcohol & Safer Partying

The Alcohol & Safer Partying team strives to encourage safer partying and responsible behaviour, specifically relating to drinking and drug use. Advocating harm reduction through peer health education, the Alcohol & Safer Partying team plans outreach campaigns on campus, and also attends several campus parties throughout the year, offering free condoms and water. The ultimate goal is to empower students with information about drugs and alcohol and their effects, and encourage them to make their own decisions. 





Mental Health & Well-being

The Mental Health & Well-being team focuses on educating students about the importance of mental wellness. Given the intense and demanding lifestyle that accompanies being a student, self-care and well-being are often neglected. Our peer health educators are non-judgmental in providing mental health related information and referrals to the university population. Our goal is to try to decrease the stigma that often surrounds mental health by creating an open space for dialogue, with the hope of making discussions about mental health on campus more fluid and accessible for everyone.





Nutrition & Active Living (NUTRAL)

Eating well while in university is often a neglected habit. Whether it's your first time living away from home or you are the Iron Chef, Healthy McGill's Nutrition team hopes to help students integrate aspects of a healthy eating lifestyle, like eating more servings of fruits and vegetables per day and packing lunch to school more often.  With relevant education such as eating on a budget and nutrition myths, we hope that students will have more information to make informed decisions and choices in regards to what they eat, and consequently their health. 

Physical activity is anything that gets you moving and that you enjoy, and is a great way to make and maintain friendships. Exercise lends incredible benefits for overall well-being and academic performance, although at times the student lifestyle may serve as a deterrent to healthy living. Our on-campus presence serves as both a reminder to the benefits of exercise as well as a means to facilitate goals.