• Institute of Health Science Education approved (spring)
  • Roadmap developed for 2019
  • First meeting with clinical Education Champions
  • Draft communications plan presented to Education Leadership Council


  • Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) finalized (winter)
  • Hires: Assistant Dean, Biomedical Science Education; Assistant Dean, Health Professions; Research Assistant; Communications Administrator
  • Education Champions in basic sciences begin work and develop working groups
  • SEE working groups constituted
  • Learning Environment retreat followed by action plan developed by the Learning Environment Action Panel


  • Three brainstorming sessions with stakeholders, identifying tactics to reach goal (winter)
  • Synthesis of action plan and presentation at Medical Education Grand Rounds (spring)
  • SEE retreat discusses concept of education Institute or Department (summer)
  • Education Strategic Plan draft circulated to leadership for input with final document approved by Deanery (Oct) and Faculty Council (Dec)


  • Vice-Dean, Education's first term begins (winter)
  • Steering Educational Excellence (SEE) constituted (spring)
  • SWOT analysis with Education Leadership Council and Faculty online survey of performance/priorities in eight areas (summer)
  • Student online survey of performance/priorities in eight areas. Focus group in basic sciences takes place with three areas of focus identified (fall)
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