Message from the Vice-Dean

I was delighted to renew my mandate as Vice-Dean, Education, to continue the exciting educational transformation that is part of this role. A significant motivating factor for me is the great enthusiasm and curiosity of the students that I meet and the many talented colleagues with whom I have the pleasure to collaborate.

Our goal in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is to nourish that enthusiasm and curiosity, and recognize those talents, in an environment that teaches evidence-based science and best clinical practices, puts the patient first and respects the natural interplay of health professions and science disciplines.

We provide diverse programs and enriching clinical training experiences with health professions degrees in medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech language pathology. In addition to teaching undergraduate students in the basic sciences, we offer leading graduate programs, both within the basic sciences and the clinical sciences. We also house numerous Faculty centres and offices dedicated to supporting our education excellence.

One central focus of my mandate is to continue advancing the Education Strategic Plan, which has three primary goals:

First, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences embraces evidence-based, learner-centered educational approaches that foster deep learning and value student engagement in the education mandate.

To do this, we are lobbying for more flexible spaces that are ideal for small-group and self-directed learning, which will help students become more active participants in their education. While the lecture hall has been with us since we began teaching nearly 200 years ago, learning-centred teaching methods must now take priority to engender cross talk, small-group work and patient- and family-centred care simulation.

Secondly, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences fosters and encourages a culture that supports interdisciplinary and interprofessional partnerships underpinned by a collaborative educational environment. The Office of Interprofessional Education is expanding to further develop interprofessional education and partnerships in classrooms and in situ, and efforts are underway to foster interdisciplinary education in undergraduate and graduate studies.

Third and finally, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences promotes educational research, scholarship and innovation in the health sciences in order to advance our understanding of teaching and learning and to inform policy and practice within and beyond the University. We want to recognize, value and promote the phenomenal research and scholarly work that is taking place within the Faculty, across our health network and in partnership with organizations across the globe. We are pursuing strategies to increase the uptake of educational research by teachers in the classroom and in the clinic, and we also hope to build capacity in educational research.

As Vice-Dean, my role is to foster these three primary goals, along with several other initiatives, to create an educational environment and experience for learners in this Faculty that is second to none. I am committed to listening attentively, understanding needs, recognizing strengths, and ultimately bringing people together to learn from each other. Let’s work collaboratively to advance our shared educational mission for the benefit of patients and society.

Our learners and teachers are the strength and heart of this Faculty. I am honoured to have the opportunity to help shape our journey in some small way, so that we can reach our full potential.



Annette Majnemer

Vice-Dean, Education

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