Research Group on Health and Law

The McGill Research Group on Health and Law is a research network that seeks to foster the sharing of scholarship and ideas among professors and students, and encourages collaborative work on health-related issues.

It also seeks to build interdisciplinary bridges across the University with colleagues working on health-related topics.

Finally, it aims to provide students with a breadth of opportunities for pursuing intellectual endeavours in the field of health law through course work, independent research, graduate studies, or extra-curricular engagements.

In 2015, Professors Alana Klein, Antonia Maioni, Christopher Manfredi and Lara Khoury (PI) received a Law for the Future foundation grant from the Canadian Bar Association (23,500$) for their “The Renewal of Judicial Function in the Protection of Health: Visions in Constitutional, Criminal and Private Law” project.

The Group is currently convened by Professor Alana Klein and Professor Lara Khoury. The Group’s coordinators for 2019-2020 are Kayla Míguez and Benjamin Rivard.

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