Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiatives

Two presenters in front of a podium and projector screen during Health Startup Day 2020.

NeuroSphere works with other groups at McGill and collaborates with external programs to promote innovation and encourage researchers to consider translational projects. Strategies that NeuroSphere employs include:

  • Organizing workshops and training sessions for the McGill neuroscience research community to allow both faculty members and trainees to develop skills, expertise and experience related to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Offering scholarships to trainees to allow them to participate to events and programs related to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Offering awards to trainees to promote internships in neuroscience industry
  • Promoting connections between researchers to explore innovative, translational ideas across disciplines
  • Mentoring activities

Current Initiatives

NeuroSphere Learning

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This online learning learning platform currently offers one course, Introduction to Nero Entrepreneurship. The course is split across three hours of video lessons taught by NeuroTechX's Yannick Roy and Adam Sefler, and can be completed at the participant's own pace. Made possible thanks to the financial support of the Ministère de l’Économie et Innovation (MEI) and the technical support of NeuroHub.

Read more about NeuroSphere Learning.

McGill Dobson Neuro Innovation Lean Startup Program

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The McGill Dobson Neuro Innovation Lean Startup Program, presented in collaboration with the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship, is tailored specifically for neuroscience innovators. The program is designed to take participants from the idea stage to developing and launching a viable startup, while immersing them in the world of entrepreneurship.

Past initiatives



  • Eight teams participated in the 2020 Neuroscience LEAN Startup Program:
    • 8 Bit Cortex
    • ARC (Activities for Reading Comprehension)
    • C-BIG Repository
    • MBrainBio
    • Nurau Inc.
    • NeuroNautilus
    • ePRS cluster
    • WALK-AI
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