NeuroSphere provides funding for principal investigators and trainees to accelerate high-potential neuroscience projects towards commercialization.

Funding for Principal Investigators

  • Neuro Commercialization Grants (NCGs): This program provides funding to researchers to support maturation activities and to enhance commercialization readiness of neuroscience technologies originating from McGill and affiliated hospitals. This is achieved through early stage investments provided at defined technology maturation phases, which enables early stages of technology validation and market connection.
  • Neuro-Partnerships Program: Through this program, HBHL provides funds for projects with a high potential impact on neuroscience research through existing programs offered by the CQDM and MEDTEQ industrial consortia. Co-funding is available for up to 40% of the total project cost.

Funding for Trainees

There are no currently open NeuroSphere funding opportunities for trainees — stay tuned!

Funded Projects

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