Neuro Commercialization Grant Application: Accelerate

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Part 1: Applicant Information

Equity Self-Identification

HBHL is committed to creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive research environment. Completion of this self-identification section will help HBHL to develop inclusive and accessible funding programs. It will not be sent to reviewers.

Part 2: Co-Applicant Information

McGill researcher or researcher from CFREF partner institutions - Western University, Université de Montréal, University of British Columbia or Polytechnique Montréal. Please list each co-applicant's last name, first name, affiliation and email (e.g. Smith, John, McGill University, Separate each co-applicant by pressing the Return key.
McGill or non-McGill researcher, industrial partners, foundations, etc. Please list each collaborator's last name, first name, affiliation and email (e.g. Smith, John, Harvard University, Separate each collaborator by pressing the Return key.
Please list each co-funder's last name, first name, affiliation and email (e.g. Smith, John, Harvard University, Separate each co-funder by pressing the Return key.

Part 3: Proposal Information

Please ensure consistency with your proposal package.
Choose the theme that best fits the project.
Must at least match the requested HBHL contribution.
e.g. IP created prior to the start of this project and that is needed for the performance of this project.
Describe the project's alignment with at least one of HBHL's four Research Themes and relevance to HBHL objectives.
Please provide a brief summary suitable for a general audience which addresses: 1) research question, objectives, and approach; ii) contribution and alignment with HBHL overall objectives; and iii) potential for broader socio-economic and/or environmental impacts. This will be used for HBHL's communications purposes and may be shared online.
The applicant must upload a single PDF file, with sections appearing in this order: 1) 10-page research project proposal, 2) budget and 3) letters of support. The PDF application package must also include a certificate of completion (incl. name and date) from at least one of CIHR’s Online Training Modules on Integrating Sex and Gender in Health Research. Name the PDF file as "Lastname_Firstname_Accelerate.pdf" (e.g. Smith_John_Accelerate.pdf). Incomplete submissions will not be sent out for review. Please use the templates provided in the Application Process section for the proposal and budget.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
By clicking Submit, you and your co-applicants agree to abide by the conditions described in this application package and the rules of ethics for all research involving humans or experimental animals. You declare that the information provided in this application is true and accurate.
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