Sex Cells! A workshop on sex- and gender-based analysis plus (SGBA+) in research


Montreal Neurological Institute de Grandpre Communications Centre, 3801 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2B4, CA
Considerations of sex and gender are key to conducting inclusive research, building unbiased technology and facilitating equitable healthcare. Studies that have implemented sex- and gender-based analysis plus (SGBA+) have found sex differences in risk of disease and response to treatments.1,2 They have increased understanding of the relationship between sex and brain function.3,4 SGBA+ has also helped to detect gender and race bias in artificial intelligence, and develop strategies to remove this bias.5 
What will you find when you implement SGBA+ in your research?

Join HBHL and Scientista for Sex Cells!, a workshop on SGBA+, to learn how you can implement SGBA+ in your own research. 

The workshop will feature talks from two SGBA+ experts, which will provide an overview of what SGBA+ is, examples of studies that have implemented SGBA+, how SGBA+ can enhance your research, as well as an in-depth discussion of the Four Core Genotypes Model. Speakers include Krystle van Hoof (Managing Director and CEO, HBHL and past Assistant Director, CIHR Institute of Gender & Health) and Sherri Lee Jones (Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Center and Department of Psychiatry, McGill University).

The talks will be followed by guided group discussions to help you think about how SGBA+ can be implemented in your own research.

All are welcome. Please register here:

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