HBHL's Scientific Directors

Dr. Alan Evans

Associate Director
Dr. Doina Precup


Research Theme Leaders

Theme 1: Neuroinformatics and Computational Modelling
Dr. Alan Evans

"To treat complex conditions such as mental health more effectively, we need to better understand how genes, neural circuitry and environmental factors interact to produce different individual outcomes. The HBHL project will enable us to identify different subgroups of patients, and point the way to new drug therapies as well as educational and treatment strategies."

Theme 2: Mechanistic Models of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Dr. Guy Rouleau

“McGill is at the forefront in using technology to identify how individuals and groups progress in multidimensional trajectories. Basically, we’re working toward a grand unified theory of neurology.”

Theme 3: Applied Cognitive Neuroscience of Brain Plasticity
Dr. Robert Zatorre

“Once you understand how the brain works, you understand what happens when things go wrong. Apparent commonalities across many neurological diseases give us hope.”

Theme 4: Population Neuroscience and Brain Health
Dr. Michael MacKenzie

“Simply by understanding and addressing risk factors, we managed to reduce heart disease by 75%. We’re targeting similar reductions in diseases such as depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and anxiety disorders. We’re building the tools and the knowledge to make it happen.”

HBHL Platforms/Sub-committees

Social Sciences
Dr. Laurence Kirmayer

NeuroHub and Machine Learning
Drs. Bettina Kemme and Jean-Baptiste Poline

Clinical Neurosciences
Drs. Gustavo Turecki and Lesley Fellows

Animal Models
Drs. Keith Murai and Sylvain Williams

Cellular and Tissue Models
Dr. Edward Fon