Holiday grocery price freeze includes more products this year, but long-term affordability solutions needed

Published: 30 November 2023

This year, Canada’s large grocery chains are freezing the price for a greater variety of items than usual before the holidays. While 10-15% more products are included in the freeze this year, the true test of affordability will come later. “How high will grocery prices be when the price freeze ends?” asks Professor Saibal Ray in an interview with CBC Radio’s As It Happens. “I’m hoping there is some conversation about a long-term solution, especially for basic products,” says the Vice-Dean of Faculty, noting that some of the factors contributing to the spike in prices, such as elevated transportation costs, are showing signs of easing. He expressed optimism, stating, “Many countries, including the United States, are experiencing a decline in inflation. We hope for a similar stabilization in prices here in Canada, sparking discussions about a lasting resolution.”


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