The Global Retail Challenge’s internal engine and differentiator is Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a collaborative creative problem-solving methodology used to generate innovative human-centered solutions. It is a process + a mindset that fuels innovation.

Design Thinking is Human-Centered

Human-centered problem solving is what differentiates design thinking from other problem-solving methodologies. Design thinking emphasizes the importance of developing deep empathy for the humans involved in the problems being solved for and the solutions being created. This is critical for strategic business leaders because problems framed solely from a business perspective may neglect or overshadow the problems faced by the humans who will buy and use a business’ products and services. Design thinking helps to balance these goals.

Fostering Collaboration

Creating value in organizations requires collaboration across all departments in that organization. However, collaboration can sometimes cause friction rather than results because different departments may work in different ways. Design thinking provides a common vocabulary across the organization to facilitate collaboration, enhance culture, streamline communication and design better solutions.

Harnessing Creativity 

Design thinking provides a path for every individual in an organization to participate in the fundamental creation of new value. Creativity is not a gift for the chosen few, but a process that can be learned and practiced by everyone.

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