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The Right Start: Building a Healthy Student-Supervisor Relationship



As a professor, supervising graduate students is in most cases very rewarding. However, the supervisory experience can present professors with many challenges including conflict and at times, ineffective resolution of such conflict. If you would like to learn new strategies to improve communication with supervisees, you might be interested in training in conflict resolution, and in learning how to communicate expectations and responsibilities.

Join us for a new workshop -  The Right Start: Building a Healthy Student-Supervisor Relationship. This workshop is designed to help supervisors build communication with supervisees and learn how to effectively prevent and manage conflict in their relationships. Considering that personalities, conflict styles and coping mechanisms for stress differ from relationship to relationship, individuals must learn how to adapt to one another in order to find an effective way of working together. This workshop will provide the strategies to do exactly that, along with practice to engage in challenging conversations.

Learning Objectives (Learn how to…)

  • Start the relationship to ensure expectations are met and boundaries are respected
  • Build trust and ensure a long-lasting relationship
  • Concretely address issues as they arise in a respectful manner

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