A history of research

At McGill, you will work with outstanding faculty who are pioneers, innovators, designers and explorers in their areas. McGill researchers have had an enormous impact in many fields, making significant, world-renowned discoveries.

Prominent discoveries

  • the invention of Plexiglass
  • the invention of the world’s first artificial cell
  • the creation of the Phytotron
  • the development of the radioautography process
  • the discovery of 3TC, an effective antiretroviral drug in the battle against AIDS

Some of the most important discoveries have been made by graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, working with more established mentors. Learn more about McGill’s prizes and awards.

Prestigious research awards won by McGill professors and alumni

  • The Nobel Prize
  • The Killam Prize
  • The Gairdner International Award
  • The Rhodes Scholarship
  • The Kyoto Prize
  • The Templeton Prize
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