Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting documents

Q: How do I provide my supporting documentation?

A: Most documents you can upload yourself by using uApply after you have submitted the application form. Documents you cannot upload include official transcripts which must be submitted directly by the institution(s) you have attended, test scores which must be submitted directly by the testing agency, and letters of recommendation which are uploaded by your referees.

Q: How can I upload a document that is not on my checklist?

A: Only documents listed on your checklist are required as part of the admissions process. If the item is not listed on your checklist, we do not need the document. Please DO NOT mail us any unsolicited documentation since it will not be reviewed. We need only the items indicated on the checklist to complete your file. However, you should review your checklist regularly as new items may be added when your file is reviewed.

Q: I have already mailed my documents. Do I still have to upload them?

A: If your checklist does not yet indicate that the documents were received, you should upload them to ensure your application file is complete.

Q: Can a third party upload my documents for me?

A: No. Your documents can’t be uploaded by referees or other third parties at this time.

Q: I am applying to be admitted to a Bachelors program. How do I upload my documents?

A: Please see the information posted here



Q: I just uploaded my transcript and the link to upload a new version appears. Why?

A: The ‘Upload New Version’ link is a feature we offer to applicants to submit revised or updated transcripts. If you have significant changes to the initial transcript you uploaded, such as new grades, you should upload a new version. If there are no changes, do not upload again.

Q: My transcript is in a language other than English or French. Do I need to provide a translation?

A: Yes, please provide the transcript in its original language accompanied by the translation in English or French as one file to fulfill the high school/university checklist requirement.

Q: My official transcript was sent in the mail. Should I upload the unofficial transcript?

A: To ensure the completeness of your file, you should upload an unofficial transcript. An official transcript must be sent directly by your high school/college/university only if you are admitted.

Q: I applied to two programs that require the same transcript. Do I need to upload it twice?

A: If some of your programs require the same unofficial transcript you will only have to upload it once. However, most documents such as Personal Statements, Research Proposals … are specific to the program you are applying to and you will have to upload these documents individually for each program.



Q: I wish to upload my test scores but I am not able to do so since there is no upload link. Why?

A: McGill receives most tests results electronically (AP, SATS, TOEFL, IELTS, Final IB, GRE, LSAT, MCAT) directly from the testing boards. Please ensure that you have authorized McGill to be a recipient of your test results. Test scores not received electronically will have to be forwarded from the testing board directly to McGill on paper.


Referees and reference letters

Q: I would like to upload letters of reference; however, I don’t see a link to upload. Why?

A: Letters of reference are required and will be listed on your checklist. You cannot upload these letters: McGill will contact the referees you identified on your application form and ask them to upload their reference in support of your application.

Q: When will McGill send out forms for my referees to fill in?

A: Not all departments provide forms with a required format for letters of reference and we cannot send referees the forms that might be required. All referees will be advised to check whether a form or specified letter format is required.  The forms will be available for referees to download as required.

If you have specific questions, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator in the department.

Q: One of my referees has declined the request for a reference. What do I do?

A: You will be advised by email if one of your referees declines the request. Should one of your referees decline you will be able to replace them with new referee contact information on uApply. 


Application status

Q: I have provided my supporting documentation; however, it is not updated on uApply yet. Did you receive it?

A: Applicants must check their application status online on uApply. In the applicant menu, you will find a personalized list of documents required to complete your file; as these items are uploaded and matched to your application file, they will be marked as such on your checklist.

Please check the status of your application regularly, as these requirements may change upon review by an Admissions Officer.

Please allow a few minutes for the documents you have uploaded to appear on uApply. Ensure that your name and date of birth indicated on the documents are exactly the same as those you specified on your application.

If you still have concerns regarding whether your documents have been received, you can contact the department to which you are applying.

Q: I received a message that my application is "Pending Submission". What does this mean?

A: Do not click the browser's Back button once you enter the Payment page. Your application may enter the "Pending" state and will not able to be processed.

If your application has a status of “Pending Submission”, it usually indicates an error, such as the incomplete processing of a payment. In this status, you will not be able to access the application or upload supporting documents.

It must be manually moved out of the “Pending Submission” status by the Admissions Office. During weekends and official holidays, such as the break between Christmas and New Year’s Day, there is no manual processing of applications; therefore applications in the Pending Submission state will only be corrected on the next McGill workday

Q: What happens after I’ve uploaded my documents?

A: Your application will be reviewed within the academic unit. If you are selected by the unit your application will be recommended for admission.

Q: Is it alright if my supporting documentation reaches the department after the application submission deadline?

A: Admission to graduate studies at McGill operates on a rolling basis. Completed applications and supporting documentation must reach departmental offices on or before the specified Date for Guaranteed Consideration.

Please consult the program pages to determine the Date for Guaranteed Consideration for the program to which you are applying. These dates vary between departments and programs. Applications received after this date may not be reviewed for admission.

International applicants: We encourage you to apply early so that you have plenty of time to prepare the necessary travel, study and immigration documents. It is for this reason that departments have earlier Dates for Guaranteed Consideration for international students. In some cases, it may be a time-consuming process to apply and receive the necessary travel and study documents from the Canadian and/or Québec government representative (embassy or consulate). We recommend that you apply well in advance of the Date for Guaranteed Consideration for your program.



Technical support

Q: What if my profile includes out of date information (ATTN: former McGill employees and alumni)?

A: If you have ever been a student or employee at McGill, you already have some profile data stored in Banner (the University's administrative system). This data will override the profile information in uApply. Some of these fields in uApply are locked so you can't edit them. However, even if the fields in uApply seem to be editable, when you log out and back into uApply they are overwritten with old information from Banner.

So, if you need to change your legal name, or correct any information that is stored in Banner, you cannot simply do so from the uApply My Profile section; you must contact Enrolment Services and ask them to update your existing Banner record.

You must click Save BEFORE clicking Continue. When filling in the sections of your profile, you click Continue first, you will receive a message that says to choose "NO" and then go back and click Save. If you choose "YES" at this prompt message, you will lose any changes you have made since the last Save action.

Q: I get an "Access Denied" message after a mistyped password. What's happening?

A: If you enter an incorrect password when you attempt to log in, and then you enter the correct password on the second attempt, the system gives you the message "Access Denied".

Workaround: Retype the URL in the browser address bar and try logging in again. This will reset the session and allow you to access the system.

Q: What should I do if my document is larger than the file size limit?

A: If your PDF document file size is larger than 5 megabytes, you’ll need to reduce it to upload your document. You may be able to do this by lowering the resolution of the PDF file and any images it contains.

Q: How can I ensure the page size of my image is acceptable?

A: Please view your document at 100% zoom and make sure that it is a reasonable size. If you have to scroll over multiple screens to see the whole document then it is too big. Adjust the size prior to uploading the document.

Q: How do I create one single electronic file per checklist item, per submission?

A: If your document contains more than one page, please ensure that they are contained and uploaded within a single electronic file and that the pages are in the correct order. There are various online services via the web to assist with this. Adobe Acrobat or OpenOffice can do Word to PDF conversions, create single files, and can be downloaded for free.

Q: I have uploaded a document and my checklist now shows a ‘Poor Quality Scan’ message for the uploaded document? What do I do?

A: You may see the following messages on the uApply checklist: ‘Poor quality scan of uploaded document’, ‘incomplete document was uploaded’ or ‘Incorrect document was uploaded’. If you see one of these messages on your checklist there was something wrong with the document you originally uploaded. You must re-upload the document and ensure it is a good quality scan, complete and the correct document for the checklist item requested. Please make use of the ability to preview your uploaded document prior to clicking on the Submit button.

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