Bioinformatics (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs)

Degrees offered:

M.Sc., Ph.D.

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Dates for Guaranteed Consideration:

Dates for Guaranteed Consideration are defined by the home departments; please contact one of the departments below concerning these dates.

Program Info:

The goal of the Bioinformatics Option is to train students to become researchers in the interdisciplinary field of Bioinformatics, which lies at the intersection of biological/medical sciences and mathematics/computer science/engineering. This work includes the development of strategies for experimental design, the construction of tools to analyze datasets, the application of modeling techniques, the creation of tools for manipulating Bioinformatics data, the integration of biological databases and the use of algorithms and statistics.

The Bioinformatics Graduate Option consists of a number of interdisciplinary courses, as well as a seminar designed to bring students from many backgrounds together and to provide a thorough overview of research in this field. The typical entering student will be affiliated with one of about fourteen different “home” departments in three different Faculties, chosen based on his/her specific field of expertise, and will therefore meet the specific requirements for that department. The student will additionally be evaluated according to additional requirements specific to the Bioinformatics Option. Students in this option will have access to five specialized courses that are open only to students within the Bioinformatics Option.

At the M.Sc. level, students successfully completing the Bioinformatics Option will be fluent in the concepts, language, approaches and limitations of the field. At the Ph.D. Level students will be fluent in the concepts, language, approaches and limitations of the field and will also develop have the capability of developing an independent Bioinformatics research program.

Departments who offer this option:

Anatomy and Cell BiologyAnimal ScienceBiochemistryBiologyBiomedical EngineeringComputer ScienceEpidemiology, Biostatistics, Occupational HealthExperimental MedicineHuman GeneticsParasitologyPharmacology and TherapeuticsPhysiologyPlant ScienceMathematics and StatisticsNatural Resource Science (Microbiology).


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