Preparing to apply

Discover the right program for you

Find your area of research

Research conducted at McGill is often interdisciplinary and cuts across programs and academic units (departments, schools or institutes). It is not always obvious which unit or program houses your particular research area. It is recommended that you:

  • Refer to the program list to ensure that you select the appropriate area. Although renowned as a research-intensive university, McGill also offers a wide variety of professional programs which are not research-based.
  • Search and view faculty member profiles to locate potential advisors with similar research interests as yours. Look in other departments for researchers in related fields.

Choose your program of study

Connect with your department


Find a supervisor and review program requirements

Contact the academic unit. Before you apply you should contact the department offering the program in order to establish a relationship. The Graduate Program Coordinator/Secretary will be your main contact within the unit and will provide you with pertinent information.

Search and view faculty member profiles to locate potential supervisors with similar research interests as yours. Visit our Connecting with a Supervisor page for guidelines on how to find and connect with potential supervisors.

Contact faculty members to ascertain if they are working on research projects in your area and if they are offering research opportunities for Graduate Students.

Know the application deadline for your program. Please note that application deadlines differ considerably between programs, therefore it is important to confirm the deadline of your intended program before applying. 

Familiarize yourself with the admission requirements and required supporting documentation before completing the online application form. 

Find out about other opportunities

  • It is important to consider opportunities for both interdisciplinary and international research projects, if this is appropriate to your field of research. Once you have found a supervisor you will want to ask about facilities, other lines of research being undertaken, responsibilities, time lines and working hours.
  • You will also want to ask about average multi-year funding packages within the department. Yearly funding may consist of fellowships, stipends from research grants, and salary from employment such as teaching and research assistantships. At McGill, we offer our research students the most competitive and generous funding level in Quebec.

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