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Final Thesis for students

Final Thesis submission regulations & instructions

  • A final thesis will not be considered submitted to GPS until it has been approved online by the supervisor(s). Students are strongly encouraged to upload their final theses for online supervisor approval well in advance of the Deadline for Submission of Final Copies, otherwise the final thesis may be approved too late for the intended date of graduation.
  • Only thesis students who have a status of "pass awaiting finals" (internal Banner code meaning: ready to submit the final corrected copies of a thesis) can upload a final thesis to Minerva. If you are ready to submit your final corrected copies and are blocked from the Thesis form, please thesis.gps [at] (contact GPS Thesis).
  • Your final thesis must be a single .pdf file AND in PDF/A format. Instructions on creating PDF/A files can be found at
  • Library license: Complete only ONE of these forms (either the English or French version) sign, and include with your final thesis submission.

  • Signed certificates ARE NOT to be included in the final PDF final thesis submission, if they are your final thesis will be REJECTED.Copies of any certificates of compliance must be retained by the supervisor and student in accordance with McGill’s policies on research ethics. Supervisors indicate on the Nomination of Examiners and Thesis Submission Form that the thesis research has complied with all ethical standards. (See our Research ethics and safety site, including the On-Line Interactive TCPS-Tutorial for students conducting research with human subjects and McGill Research and Innovation – Ethics and Compliance).

  • Do not use spaces in the file name. If necessary, please use underscores instead, e.g. My_thesis.pdf. If you do have spaces in your final thesis file name, you will not be able to delete the final thesis from the file server should you need to do so.
  • You can only have one (1) file uploaded at any one time. In case you decide that the file you uploaded must be replaced with another, you will have to delete the file already on the server.
  • Abstracts in English and French are mandatory and must be text only, i.e. no images, special characters (apart from the West European character set excluding the “Œ” and “œ”), chemical or mathematical formulae, or special formatting (e.g. lists, tables). The Minerva form can save a maximum of 4000 characters.
  • If you are not using your official McGill e-mail address, please ensure that you redirect e-mail from that address to your preferred e-mail address. The instructions to re-direct your e-mail are on the Network and Communication Services website.

Name & title changes

  • You can make minor changes (e.g. accents) to your name using the Minerva 'Name Change Form'. For all other name changes, you must contact Enrolment Services.
  • You cannot change the thesis title on the Minerva form. You must advise Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of any changes to the title; these changes must be approved by your supervisor(s). If you do change your thesis title, you must submit new McGill and Library Archives Canada licenses to GPS. These forms should be scanned and sent to thesis.gps [at] prior to final thesis submission. 

Final Thesis archive

After each graduation, all approved final theses are transferred to the Libraries. The transfer dates are early March for February granting of degrees, early June for May/June graduates and early November for October graduates. You can view your final thesis on eScholarship@McGill.

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