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e-Thesis regulations and instructions

The final submission of theses is mandatory through e-thesis. 

e-Thesis submission will be required for the final, corrected copy of the thesis to GPS. Please note: You can submit your final e-thesis at anytime, but a final e-thesis will NOT be considered submitted to GPS until it has been approved online by the supervisor(s). Students are strongly encouraged to upload their e-theses for online supervisor approval well in advance of the Deadline for Submission of Final Copies, otherwise the e-thesis may be approved too late for the intended date of graduation.

Style-sheets may be used for layout, but this is not mandatory. The e-thesis must, however, be submitted as a pdf/a file which requires Adobe Acrobat version 7 (minimum). Students can purchase an Adobe Acrobat license through the McGill Computer Store at a substantially-reduced cost.

McGill e-Thesis archive

eScholarship@McGill is a digital repository which stores and showcases the publications and theses of McGill University faculty and students. The repository exists in an online, open-access environment, making it easy for researchers all over the world to find and access the University’s published research output, including previously submitted e-theses.