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Reinstatement of Former Students

Students who have not been registered for a period of less than two years and who have not officially withdrawn from the University by submitting a signed Withdrawal Form to Service Point are eligible to be considered for reinstatement into their program. 

Students must submit a Request for Reinstatement Form. The completed request form will be sent to the student’s home academic unit for consideration. The student's unit must recommend that the student be reinstated, stipulating whatever conditions for reinstatement it deems appropriate. If the student's unit chooses not to recommend reinstatement, the student may appeal to the Associate Dean (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies). The decision of the Associate Dean (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) shall be final and not subject to further appeal.

Reinstatement fees will be charged in addition to the fees due for the academic session into which the student has been reinstated. The amount of the reinstatement fees is the tuition portion of fees owed for all unregistered terms, up to a maximum of two years just prior to the term of reinstatement.