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Visit the Future Students' website for information on how to find a supervisor

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies also hosts Supervision: Graduate and Postdoctoral Support, McGill’s website of over 40 pages of research and evidence-based guidance for supervisors and supervisees.  Its focus is on practical advice that can help readers to avoid common problems in supervision and to help students complete their degrees without delays.

The Supervision website has sections on being a supervisor and being a supervisee, and so addresses supervisors, Master’s students, PhD students, and postdoctoral fellows. It also offers a general set of timelines or stages in supervision, from the first steps to postdoctoral research. At the request of graduate students, it also has a growing section on questions and answers that attempt to clarify ambiguous situations.

The main highlights of the supervisor and supervisee sections of the Supervision website are the pages on clarifying and discussing expectations, student-supervisor relationships, planning for success, and avoiding delays.

If you’re looking for content that used to be on this page of the GPS website, you can now find it throughout the Supervision website:

  • The sample statement of expectations for supervision is on the clarifying expectations page.

  • The information on best practices and the contents of the slide shows from workshops about supervision at Teaching and Learning Services have been integrated into various pages of the Supervision website or became redundant because of new material on the Supervision website.

  • The list of recommended readings on supervision is replaced by the many lists of scholarly works in the “Research and evidence” tab of each page of the Supervision website.

  • The content of the “Supervising student writing” page was made redundant by new material on the Supervision website’s pages on

The Supervision website is informed partly by McGill’s 2012-13 Supervisory Surveys, which helped to show how supervisors and their graduate students perceive supervisory relationships. For more information, download the full report.