Batch reports

What are Batch reports? 

Batch reports are individually compiled degree audit reports for a specific cohort of graduating students.  With batch reports you do not have to individually type in every student’s id number and generate a degree evaluation report.  You just have to specify the cohort of students you require the degree audit for then the batch report will be made available to you through Minerva in a PDF file format.

To request a batch report, write to [at]

In the email, include:

You will be notified via email that the batch report is ready to access in PDF format through Minerva.

To access Batch reports

  1. Log in to Minerva website website.
  2. Log in with your McGill ID and PIN
  3. Select "Report Menu"
  4. Select “Student, Finance, HR, Payroll, Research and General Reports”
  5. In the field “Filter on Category" click the down arrow button and select  “CAPP Reports”
  6. In the field  “Filter on Name”  Type in SZRMCAPP 

Please see below image for your reference:

Degree evaluation batch report request