Application and registration

Current postdoctoral researchers should contact their McGill supervisor or Graduate Program Coordinator as the first step to address all concerns. Please reference this list to find out whom to contact in your department.

Due to a labour dispute at Citizenship and Immigration Canada those applying for a work permit should anticipate delays and submit their application as far in advance as possible.

Please visit the CIC website for more information. More information about McGill’s plans to assist those whose work permit application approvals have been delayed is forthcoming.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the postdoctoral_registration_form. Submit the completed form, with items outlined in 2 and 3 below to your McGill academic department for approval.
  2. Enclose copies of your transcripts
  3. Applicants who fall into Category 3 must include a Letter of Permission signed by a competent authority at their home institution (such as the Registrar, Department Chair, Dean or equivalent). This letter must confirm that you are registered in a program at the home institution in question, state the purpose of the period of research at McGill, and indicate that you are permitted to pursue your research at McGill. It must also specify a clear Start and End date for the period you are permitted to be at McGill.
  4. Enclose a letter of recommendation signed by your proposed supervisor at McGill University specifying the category of postdoctoral research trainee (see Categories 1-4), any conditions of the appointment (including requirements for training in research ethics and laboratory safety), the amount and source of funding for your financial support,  and the period of training.
  5. Once your file is complete submit it electronically to studentrecords [at] (Management of Academic Records, Enrolment Services).
  6. The Management of Academic Records, Enrolment Services Office will review your file for approval for a temporary postdoctoral research trainee status.
  7. The Academic department you are affiliated with will send you an invitation letter which you can use to obtain the necessary work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. International applicants should consult the section International postdoctoral fellows for more information on obtaining a work permit.


Upon arrival at McGill, postdoctoral research trainees must provide the studentrecords [at] (Management of Academic Records, Enrolment Services) with a complete registration file. Medical specialists who will have clinical exposure and require a training card must register through Postgraduate Medical Education of the Faculty of Medicine, not Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

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