SSHRC Doctoral Scholarships

Award Overview

Program SSHRC Doctoral CGS Doctoral
Value &
(up to 4 years)
(up to 3 years)
Deadline   To be determined by Academic Unit
How to Apply Hard copy of online application and all supporting documents submitted to your Academic Unit by deadline. See below for more details.
Contact Please contact your Academic Unit or consult the SSHRC website
Apply to Doctoral students who are registered in a degree program at McGill in Fall term of application year apply through their Academic Unit at McGill.
Notes If you are a postdoc or otherwise do not fit the above criteria, either apply directly to SSHRC or the university in which you are registered for the above time periods. Consult the SSHRC website for more details and deadline dates.


Qualification for applying to this program, a student must:

  • See Eligibility Criteria on the SSHRC webpage
  • Have achieved academic excellence
    • Graduate record to date (Master’s & Doctoral combined)
    • Complete Undergraduate studies
  • Students in a qualifying or "make-up" year of study are not eligible to receive scholarship support however, this is when you would apply for the following year(s).

Combined MA/PhD, fast-track and direct-entry PhD programs:

  • Students who are or will be registered in a combined MA/PhD, fast-track (accelerating from a master’s program into a doctoral program without obtaining the master’s degree) or direct-entry PhD program, may be eligible to apply for a CGS Master's Scholarship provided the student has completed between zero and 12 months of graduate-level study by December 31 of the year of application;
  • Students who are currently registered in a combined MA/PhD, fast-track or direct-entry PhD program, and have or will have completed more than 12 months or more of graduate-level study by December 31 of the year of application, can only apply to the Doctoral Awards funding opportunity;
  • At the time of application, students need not be assured of admission to a degree program.

If you are unsure if your research falls under SSHRC guidelines please email the agency directly with a summary of your research to confirm. If you apply to the inappropriate agency, or to multiple agencies, your application will be disqualified.

Interdisciplinary Research

Students seeking support for interdisciplinary research in areas covered by more than one of NSERCCIHR and SSHRC (for example, research in Biomedical Engineering) should consult with one of the granting agencies well before any applicable deadlines.

How to Apply

Note: “Academic Unit” roles: usually refers to work led by appointed fellowships coordinator of the Academic Unit.

  1. Complete online application form (must register first)
  2. Collect ALL university level transcripts including CURRENT McGill transcript
  3. Print finalized application and sign it.
  4. Submit printed completed original application with transcript along with copies, in-person, to Academic Unit (# of copies required determined by Academic Unit)

Post-Award Information

If you have been awarded the above fellowship, please refer to Accepting, activating, and maintaining your award. Among other items, this page contains the SSHRC Award Holder's Guide and Progress Report Form.

The deadlines for these items are as follows:

Award Start Date

Document Deadlines

Progress Report

May 1 Apr 15 Apr 15
Sep 1 Jul 15 (in-course)
Aug 5 (new)
Jul 15
Jan 1 Dec 1 Dec 1