CIHR Doctoral Research Award

Award Overview

Program CIHR Doctoral Research Award (Frederick Banting & Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships and Doctoral Foreign Study Awards)
Value &
$30,000/yr plus $5,000/yr research allowance
for up to 3 years
Deadline McGill University deadline 02 October 2018 
How to Apply Online application for Doctoral Research Award and all supporting documents submitted directly to CIHR by deadline via ResearchNet
Contact Please contact Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Apply to

Eligible students must submit their CIHR Doctoral Research Award application to ResearchNet by posted deadline.

** Referees must complete and upload forms 48 hours BEFORE the posted application deadline in ResearchNet ***

Notes McGill uses the Electronic Approval Tool in ResearchNet to submit applications to CIHR.

The CIHR Doctoral Research Awards Program funds applications in any area of health research. Two streams of scholarships are administered through a single application:

  • The Frederick Banting & Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships-Doctoral Awards (CGSD) program provides special recognition and support to students who are pursuing a doctoral degree in a health-related field in Canada.
  • The Doctoral Foreign Study Awards (DFSA) program provides special recognition and support to students who are pursuing a doctoral degree in a health-related field abroad.



Consult the CIHR-ReaserchNet for the agency eligibility rules to apply for the award. For Doctoral Research Award, applications will be accepted in all areas of health research, including biomedical, clinical, health services, and social, cultural, environmental and population health.

Interdisciplinary Research

Applicants seeking support for interdisciplinary research in areas covered by more than one of NSERCCIHR and SSHRC (for example, research in Biomedical Engineering) should consult with one of the granting agencies well before any applicable deadlines. Applicants should send a half-page summary of their intended research proposal to one of the agencies and request the agency to confirm in writing (including by e-mail) that they are eligible to apply to that agency. Applicants are advised to err on the side of caution, and ask the funding agency for an assessment rather than guess or assume incorrectly.

How to Apply

Note: This funding opportunity requires the use of ResearchNet to apply for funding.

To complete your Application, follow the instructions identified in the Doctoral Research Award "Application" Phase Instructions.

Applicants apply to the CIHR Doctoral Research Awards competition and top-ranked applicants are awarded a CGS-D or DFSA

An overview of CIHR's application processes can be found under "Apply for Funding" on the CIHR website

CIHR’s e-approval process requires McGill Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies to electronically approve applications via ResearchNet after the Nominated Principal Applicant has submitted the application.

Signature Pages on Doctoral Applications

It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain any required ink signatures prior to submitting the application by 02 October 2018, or institutional approval cannot be granted and the application will not be submitted to the agency.

  1. Print the signature page PDF file which is found on ResearchNet.
  2. Verify the requirements for original signatures by consulting Required Signatures on Application Forms and Meaning of Signatures on Application Forms in the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide.
  3. Note: Only Supervisor(s) Signatures are required. Printed names should always accompany signatures.
  4. Institutional signatures are not required on the pages at the time of application.
  5. Scan and upload the signed signature pages, including the routing slip, as one PDF (not exceeding 30 MB), in the Print/Upload Signature Pages task in ResearchNet prior to submitting the application.
  6. All required signatures must be obtained and uploaded on ResearchNet prior to the Research Institution's (Institution Paid) deadline date.
  7. The Research Office will electronically approve and forward the application to CIHR, they are, in fact, confirming that all required signatures have been obtained.


Post-Award Information

If you have been awarded the above fellowship, please refer to Getting Paid & Maintaining Fellowship . Among other items, this page contains links to the NSERC Award Holder's Guide and Progress Report Form. The deadlines for these items are as follows:

Award Start Date Activation/Payment
Document Deadlines
Progress Report
May 1 Apr 15 Apr 15
Sep 1 Jul 15 (in-course)
Aug 5 (new)
Jul 15
Jan 1 Dec 1 Dec 1

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