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Internship Supervisor

We thank you for providing our doctoral students with a bridge between academic studies and professional practice. By taking part in our Doctoral Internship Program, not only will you be contributing to our student’s education and skills development, you are gaining access to top talent and expertise that will move your organization forward.  

We invite you to look at the benefits and responsibilities outlined below to evaluate if a doctoral student intern is a good fit for your organization. 

Process for Internship Supervisors (click image to enlarge)


  • Access to the top graduate students in the country
  • Gain an employee with fresh insights and ideas
  • Foster relationships with graduate programs and students to aid in recruiting future employees
  • Achieve your organization’s goals faster with students who are highly critical and innovative thinkers


  1. The internship site will identify one of its employees as the internship site supervisor to oversee the intern's work activities during his/her internship.
  2. The internship site requires the student to begin his/her internship only after final McGill (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) approval.
  3. The internship site supervisor is required to notify the student and McGill (GPS) immediately should he/she change the nature of internship which was initially approved.
  4. At the end of the internship, the site supervisor will commit to completing a brief internship assessment.


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Posting an Internship Opportunity

Would you like to participate in this program but do not have a student in mind? Would you like to be included in our database? Please enter your information here.



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