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Graduate student Xenia Kurguzova wins SSHRC prize


Published: 11Apr2013
Xenia Kurguzova

Earlier this year, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) launched Research for a Better Life: The Storytellers, a competition encouraging Canadian post-secondary students to find innovative ways of communicating how funded research projects about people, behaviour, human thought and culture are beneficial to Canadians – and beyond. The winners will receive $3,000 and the chance to compete for a featured presentation at the next World Social Sciences Forum.

We are pleased to announce the winner, Xenia Kurguzova, Graduate student from the Faculty’s School of Information Studies. Xenia came to Canada from Russia 11 years ago. Landing in Trois-Rivières, she learned French by immersing herself into life there and earning a Bachelor’s in Quebec History followed by a Master’s in History, before coming to McGill for her second Master’s, this time in Library and Information Studies.

The competition presented an ideal opportunity to draw on a McGill-based research project to showcase a combination of her theoretical education and creativity. She examines how the judiciary addresses the prosecution of high-level political corruption in Eastern Europe.

Next, she will be heading to Victoria this summer to present her work with the other winners from across Canada, and to compete for a chance to address an international audience of social science academics this October in Montreal. We Congratulate her for her achievement in this first stage of the Storytellers Challenge and best wishes for continued success towards the second stage in Victoria, BC. For more details about her story, please visit, McGill Reporter webpage.


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