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Simplifying Graduate Admissions

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A New Graduate Admissions System for McGill

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Enrolment Services are pleased to announce that the uApply graduate admissions system in English and in French is now live and ready for applications for the Summer 2014 term. An efficient graduate admissions system such as uApply is central to maintaining our University’s high standards for excellence in all we do. The new technology will afford flexibility that we have never had before with our admissions processes. It will improve the McGill applicant’s experience and support our recruitment competitiveness.

The Executive Sponsors are especially grateful to the uApply project team members, which includes 83 people from IT services, as well as staff members from Enrolment Services and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for their dedication to this project. These personnel went “above and beyond” to deliver a world-class admissions system to the McGill community and its prospective students. Many administrative staff from academic units and faculty members also volunteered their time to testing and training. Thank you. 

The uApply Community Webpage for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff working in graduate admissions can turn to the newly launched uApply Community webpage for support using the new system.

Why a new online graduate admissions system? 

The aim of the this initiative is to move the current paper-based admissions process to an entirely electronic one, benefiting applicants, departments and units. The project team will assess the current application and evaluation process for graduate admissions, focusing on the student experience, availability of technologies and improving the information available to the decision makers. The process will then be streamlined in order to provide a faster, more effective service resulting in more timely communication with applicants and will move the admissions process to a model where information is collected and stored electronically, allowing access from various points in the process workflow. Other anticipated benefits include:

  • Reduce manual workload in the graduate programs
  • Modernize the systems to improve the applicant experience
  • Introduce more Faculty autonomy and create a structure that facilitates a greater level of final admission decision-making within the graduate programs
  • Applicants will be able to upload their own transcripts and other supporting documents to their McGill applications rather than mailing them by post to the graduate program offices
  • People writing reference letters will be able to submit the letters online rather than on paper
  • Applicants will see online that their application documents have been received by McGill
  • GPDs, GPCs and  faculty members will have an online place to view all aspects of an applicant’s file for admission review purposes from anywhere in the world with internet access
  • The CGPA calculator will continue to be available to the graduate programs

For more information, please consult the Project Updates page. Should you encounter an issue or have a question, please first consult the Knowledge Base article for frequently asked questions. The project is a collaboration between Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) and Information Technology Services (ITS).