Sneha Care Home for HIV positive children

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07/05/2012 to 08/06/2012
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The project aims to study respiratory tract infection in HIV infected children living in residential facility. As the project is being held in Sneha care home, it is also possible to help the staff running the center by using any talent of yours (dancing, theatre, history classes, etc)

"Sneha Care Home is a ‘home away from home’ for the HIV infected children. Sneha Care Home strives to provide comprehensive care to the orphan and vulnerable children by creating an environment which would help them live their lives joyfully and responsibly. This is the second initiative of Camillians for the care of HIV infected children. It began in July 2008 in the Snehadaan campus as a separate entity. ‘Sneha Care Home’ is the residential part of the programme and ‘shining star school’ is the academic part of the same. It took off with 20 HIV infected children, but now it cares for 100 children. Using the National Open School System, the education system aims to help these children reintegrate into the larger community as responsible and productive citizens. It is a combination of institutionalized and community based services." For more information:

Bangalore Karnataka
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It is a very great opportunity to learn about Indian culture and about HIV in children. The children care home is near a care facility for HIV infected adults and is also near St-John's medical center and school.

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Sneha Care Home
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Care Home for HIV infected children
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