Neuroimaging and Cognition Group

Project Information

Our working group in Mexico City was initially dedicated to the solution of clinical problems and gradually new collaborations with national and foreign researchers have been incorporated. We can now conduct studies in two different places with two 1.5T MRI (GE) and shortly with a third 1.5T (Siemens) MRI.

The main research that we conduct is: 

  1. Reading in Spanish speakers;
  2. Attention and sleep;
  3. Emotional memory in patients with epilepsy;
  4. fMRI in the recovery of aphasia;
  5. Location motor areas with fMRI and electrical stimulation;
  6. Memory in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.
Project Date: 
01/01/2011 to 10/06/2022
Type of Project: 
Research Area: 
Health Research
Sub-Research Area: 
Mental health
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