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Spring 2019 Alex W. Strasberg MD CM 1921 and Harvey M. Weinstein MD CM 1967 Global Health Award Application

Applications for the Spring 2019 Alex W. Strasberg MD CM 1921 and Harvey M. Weinstein MD CM 1967 Global Health Award Program are now closed.


Deadline for applications for Spring 2019 is March 29, 2019.


  • Undergraduate medical students or post-graduate residents in the Faculty of Medicine
  • Who are engaged in global health research and/or clinical training related to immigrant, refugee, and aboriginal/indigenous populations, in Canada and abroad.
  • Support may include funds for travel, housing, research, and/or clinical experiences.
  • Preference will be given to projects of merit and projects with cross-disciplinary perspectives as well as faculty support.


General Instructions and Eligibility Requirements

  1. Only McGill students, and residents are eligible for GHP awards.
  2. No program cost/fees will be covered. These awards are not to support travel for conferences.
  3. Travel or project cannot be completed before the application deadline for the awards (except for the Chan Prize in the fall).
  4. Student travel to a country with a DFATD-3 or higher warning is not encouraged and will not be funded by any of these awards. To view the latest travel advisories click here.
  5. Awards are non-transferrable to another student or trainee.
  6. If a student or trainee is unable to complete the project or unable to travel to the destination for which the application was submitted they must studentaffairsghp.med [at] mcgill.ca (contact the Global Health Programs office) as soon as they know. On a case by case basis, the situation will have to be evaluated to determine if the award can be deferred, used for an elective in another location, or must be declined.
  7. A student or trainee is eligible for only one award from GHP for the same project.
  8. Students must be registered with McGill as either a full or part-time student or resident for the entire duration of their project.

Conditions of the award requirements include the following:

  • If traveling, candidates may have to complete the Pre-departure orientation by the time travel starts.
    • Faculty of Medicine MDCM students: You must complete the mandatory online Faculty of Medicine Pre-departure Training Modules if you are traveling outside of Canada (including the USA for MDCM students) for an family medicine clinical rotation (core rural), elective, placement, observership, or research project.
    • Residents: Currently, pre-departure training is not required for McGill residents traveling abroad.
  • A poster presentation of research or activities for which the travel award was given must be presented on Global Health Night (November 2019)
  • A report about your project must be submitted within 6 weeks of completion of your project.

Application: (All documents should be combined into one PDF file)

  • Essay
    • Provide a description of the project. (max 1 page)
    • Explain how funding from this award will help improve the overall quality of the project and/or contribute to the project’s success. (max ½ page)
    • Describe faculty support for this project (if applicable) and describe any aspects of this project that are interdisciplinary (if applicable). (max ½ page)
  • CV (any format is accepted)
  • Budget for the funds that will be given. Eligible expenses are travel, housing, research costs (for instance, supplies), and clinical costs.

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