Global Health Education: Building a Healthier World

Second Annual McGill Global Health Conference
Saturday, May 8, 2008
Le Centre Sheraton

Global Health Programs hosted the 2nd annual McGill Global Health conference on May 3rd, 2008. The day was devoted to addressing challenges and opportunities for training students and healthcare professionals interested in advancing careers in Global Health. We had the pleasure of hearing thought-provoking presentations from a diverse group of speakers including keynote presentations by Dr. Hans Rosling, a professor of International Health at the Karolinska Institute and Ms. Maureen O’Neil, President of Canada’s International Development Research Centre.

Video footage of the conference will be available soon. Please contact us at the email address below for details.


Understanding Global Health Disparities through Innovative Statistics
Hans Rosling

Panel 1: Teaching Global Health - So What for Canada?
Moderator: Duncan Pedersen

Making Marginal Medical Topics Mainstream: Lessons from Global Health [.pdf]
Peter Walker

Determinants of Health Inequalities in Canada and Abroad [.pdf]
Peter Tugwell

The Obligations of Canadians as Global Citizens [.pdf]
Katherine Rouleau

Panel 2: Developing a Global Health Curriculum: What Students Should Know
Moderator: Lynda Redwood-Campbell

Environment and Public Health: Climate, Climate Change and Zoonoses [.pdf]
Nicholas H. Ogden

Healthcare in Low-Resource Settings [.pdf]
Franco Carli

Health Issues of Immigrants and Refugees [.pdf]
Christina Greenaway

Panel 3: Building Global Health Curricula: Making Use of Existing Resources
Moderator: Jim Henderson

Global Health Education Consortium: The Past, Now, The Future [.pdf]
Richard Deckelbaum

Student Initiatives to Expand Educational Opportunities [.pdf]
Reena Pattani and Jacqueline Bocking

Technology Supported Teaching [.pdf]
David Fleiszer

Panel 4: Beyond Undergraduate Medical Education
Moderator: Carol Valois

After Medical School: Training Residents, Nurses and Physicians to Work Abroad [.pdf]
Francois Couturier

Intercultural Skills for Medical Professionals [.pdf]
Doug MacDonald
Re-examining the Role of Training in Contributing to International Project Success [.pdf]
Instituting a Competency-Based Training Design and Evaluation System [.pdf]
International Projects: Some Lessons on Avoiding Failure and Maximizing Success [.pdf]
A Profile of the Interculturally Effective Person [.pdf]
Profil de la Personne Efficace sur le Plan Interculturel [.pdf]

What is Our Responsibility? Global Health Ethics in Practice [.pdf]
Kelly Anderson and Fadi Hamadani


Better Governance, Better Health: Research Strategies for Policy and Action
Maureen O'Neil

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