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Americas and the Caribbean

The Caribbean Water Initiative (CARIWIN)

Water resource management is central to sustainable growth and poverty reduction. The hydrologic extremes of drought and floods, coupled with pollution, affect Caribbean prosperity. At the local, national and regional levels in the Caribbean, water availability and variability contribute significantly to the risks people face every day in caring for their families and ensuring their livelihoods.

To address the complex challenges of water management in the Caribbean region, CARWIN’s goal is to increase the capacity of Caribbean countries to deliver sustainable and equitable integrated water resources management (IWRM).

CARIWIN will help build the capacity of CARICOM countries to undertake integrated water resource management at the regional, national and community levels. Capacity building initiatives will be developed at CIMH, tested and delivered in three countries: Grenada, Guyana and Jamaica.


Bellairs Research Institute

Bellairs Research Institute is Canada’s only teaching and research facility in the tropics. Located in Holetown, Barbados, Bellairs Research Institute is a McGill University facility which maintains an open-door policy to all researchers with academic interests in tropical terrestrial and marine environments.

Academic activities that take place at the Institute include the Barbados Interdisciplinary Tropical Studies (BITS) program and the Barbados Field Study Semester (BFSS).


Semester @ McGill

McGill’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS) has partnered with the Tecnologico de Monterrey for several years by offering Tec students an opportunity to participate in the Semester @ McGill program. This program includes a volunteering component that allows students from abroad to enrich their working experience in Montreal. Students return to Mexico with a slate of new skills, including real world experience.


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