Where to Give

Faculty of Arts

Education in the humanities and social sciences is at the core of every great university and civilization. McGill’s Faculty of Arts has a longstanding reputation for exceptional achievements, with graduates that include winners of Rhodes Scholarships, Pulitzer Prizes, Academy, Tony and Grammy Awards, as well as leaders in the top ranks of business and government – at home and abroad.

Arts is also home to three of the University’s outstanding schools, including the McGill School of Environment, School of Information Studies, and School of Social Work – helping McGill lead the way on issues like sustainability, digital information, community development and social justice. 

It stARTS with ARTS, and donations to the Dean of Arts Development Fund help to advance the achievements of the Faculty’s students and professors. Your gifts play a key role in strengthening teaching, research and academic advising programs; creating new scholarships and bursaries; and promoting student involvement in public service activities and community outreach.

Philanthropy has helped build our Arts Internship program, allowed us to invite high-profile figures from the political and development worlds to teach best practices in global governance, and placed the Faculty squarely on the leading edge when it comes to understanding the world of media, technology and culture.