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Top 10 Tips For Making a Will

Are you making a will? Here's your essential checklist:

  1. Plan early – you’re never too young to make a will.
  2. Seek the guidance and advice of qualified financial and legal advisors.
  3. In consultation with your financial and legal advisors, be sure to effectively provide for an efficient disposition of your assets to all your intended beneficiaries, while maximizing tax benefits.
  4. Choose an executor* wisely, since the executor will be acting on your behalf and carrying out your wishes after your death.
  5. If you have minor children, carefully select a guardian/trustee.
  6. Ensure the appropriate disposition of personal effects, especially those with sentimental value. In fact, you may wish to dispose of these items before death.
  7. Clearly outline your funeral arrangements.
  8. Inform someone (preferably the named executor) of the location of your will and other important documents.
  9. Consider McGill in your will.
  10. Review your will regularly (every 3-5 years).

* In the province of Quebec, an “executor” is called a “liquidator.” In the province of Ontario, an “executor” is an “estate trustee.”

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