The Road to 200

Since 1821, McGill has been offering outstanding educational opportunities to students from across the globe, pioneering new areas of research and discovery, and changing how we understand the world. As we approach our University’s 200th anniversary, McGill’s professors, researchers and students continue to tackle the biggest questions in science, culture and human endeavour.

Today’s global academic leaders at McGill are unlocking the mysteries of the human brain. They are solving the genetic puzzle of disease and battling global health crises. They are addressing climate change and other environmental threats to our planet. They are inventing game-changing technologies and training the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. And they are exploring what makes us human: from individual rights to collective public policy, from what Shakespeare tells about the 21st century to how hacker culture can lead to positive social change.

Looking towards McGill’s third century, we hope you will join with us in celebrating and supporting this important work as we embark on the Road to 200 and beyond, and as, together, we create an even better world and a brighter future.