• Committed to Community

    When violence hits home, Sarah Flatto, BA’09, is there to help victims and survivors of abuse find life-changing support. Read More
  • Committed to Discovery

    Thanks in part to a McGill financial award, Theresa Dankovich, PhD’12, has created an inexpensive and effective tool to stop deadly waterborne diseases. Read More
  • Committed to Innovation

    From duct tape to smartphones, every great business started with a simple idea. Thanks to donor dollars, some of the game-changing ideas of the future are taking shape in the annual McGill Dobson Cup. Read More
  • Committed to Excellence

    Siobhan Lazenby, BA’15, had her academic journey at McGill transformed by a field study program in East Africa. Read More

In 2015, the University launched the McGill Commitment: to offer students an international learning experience, with innovative academic programs that are driven by one of the world’s leading research environments.

Now, we are looking to our alumni and friends to help us bring this inspiring vision to life.

We’re committed to making sure that every single McGill student has the opportunity to take advantage of the University’s global network. Whether it’s through learning opportunities like internships, academic exchange programs, or field studies, McGill’s international campus is connecting students with communities around the world.

We’re committed to cultivating an environment for professors and students that drives entrepreneurship and innovation, and fosters leading research and discovery in areas such as neuroscience, sustainability, the life sciences, humanities, law and human rights and countless others.

We’re committed to offering our students innovative academics and a supportive and inspiring learning environment from the moment they arrive on our campuses. And throughout their relationship with us, we’re committed to fostering their development and making sure they build the skills they need for career success.

That’s the McGill Commitment. And you can help us make it happen.

  • Research and Discovery

    Great ideas can change the world, but they need to be nourished to truly blossom. McGill is committed to cultivating a leading research environment that inspires innovation, drives discovery and enhances opportunities for students to participate first-hand in the University’s cutting-edge research.

    By investing in discovery at McGill, you provide students with the opportunity to work side-by-side with top-tier researchers across the University and in industry, enriching their education while exposing them to ideas that can spark a lifelong passion or career. You’ll also be supporting work that has the potential to move from the lab bench to the hospital bedside, factory floor or supermarket shelves, for the benefit of individuals, societies and economies around the world.

    Programs in need of your support

    Make your commitment to McGill Commitment by supporting one of the following worthwhile initiatives: Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Award, SURE – Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering, SURA – Science Undergraduate Research Award, Education – Graduate Studies and Research in the Faculty, and Law – Cutting Edge Research.
  • The Global Experience

    A McGill education today is rooted in one of Canada’s most international campuses and helps students capitalize on the University’s global reach. McGill’s international internships, field study and research programs can land students in Panama to work on environmental issues, in Rwanda to help genocide survivors transform their lives, and in Hong Kong to work in the heart of a global financial hub. International exchange programs mean they can expand their studies with our leading partner universities in the U.S., Europe, Asia and beyond.

    But international opportunities can be hard for students to find – and they’re even harder for McGill to fund. Through your support, McGill will create a global opportunities for students that include international internships, academic exchanges, field study semesters and research programs. Because learning isn’t limited to the classroom.

    Programs in need of your support

    Make your commitment to McGill Commitment by supporting one of the following worthwhile initiatives: Arts Internship Fund, Canadian Field Studies in Africa, Law – Human Rights Internship, Education – Jackie Kirk Fieldwork Support Fund, and Schulich School of Music – Travel Fund.
  • Skills for Success

    McGill’s innovative academic programs provide students with an education that is ranked with the best in the world – one that can open a multitude of career paths and graduate education choices. We are also committed to offering a supportive and inspiring environment that fosters self-development and where academic advising, mentoring, career planning and other services are available easily and conveniently, whenever and wherever they are needed.

    With your generous support, McGill will help students find academic success, while also ensuring they are ready to take on the challenges of new careers. They’ll gain valuable experience through internships with local industry or participation in programs like the McGill Mobile Dental Clinic. First-class academic advisors and career mentors, along with a wealth of tailored networking and professional development opportunities, will show students how they can turn their skills and passions into a meaningful career.

    Programs in need of your support

    Make your commitment to McGill Commitment by supporting one of the following worthwhile initiatives: Macdonald – The Student Experience Enhancement Fund, Academic Advising and Mentoring, McGill Engineering Student Centre – MESC Priorities Fund, Science – Advising, Arts – Advising, and Desautels – Advising.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Innovation and entrepreneurial creativity are part of McGill’s very DNA. In every one of our faculties and schools, professors, researchers and students are generating inspired ideas that have the potential to change lives, nourish communities and fuel economic growth in Canada and around the world.

    As any successful entrepreneur will tell you, no great idea emerges in a vacuum. Your support will offer enterprising students greater opportunities to take part in initiatives designed to foster innovation, develop start-up companies and contribute positively to the world around them.

    Programs in need of your support

    Make your commitment to McGill Commitment by supporting one of the following worthwhile initiatives: the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Macdonald Campus Entrepreneurial Program, Quartier de l'Innovation Project Fund, and Centre for Medical Education – Innovation and Research Seed Fund.