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Negotiating Identities in 19th and 20th-Century Montreal (2005)

Bradbury, Bettina and Tamara Myers, eds. Negotiating Identities in 19th and 20th-Century Montreal 
Vancouver: University of British Columbia, 2005.

Table of contents

Bradbury, Bettina. “Widows Negotiate the Law: The First Year of Widowhood in Ealry 19th Century Montreal.

Harbec, Marie-Eve. “The Ideal Education to Construct an Ideal World: Dunham Ladies’ College and the Anglican Elite of the Montreal Dioces, 1860-1913.”

Hébert, Karine. “ From Tomorrow’s Elite to Young Intellectual Workers: the Search for Identity among Montreal Students, 1900-1958.”

Ingram, Darcy. “Saving the Union’s Jack: The Montreal Sailors’ Institute and the Homeless Sailor, 1862-1898.”

Morton, Suzanne with Anna Shea. “Keeping Me ‘out of public or semi-public places’: The Montreal Day Shelter for Homeless Men, 1931-34.”

Myers, Tamara. “On Probation: the Rise and Fall of Female Jewish Anti-Delingquency Work in Interwar Montreal.”

Poutanen, Mary Anne. “Bonds of Friendship, Kindship and Community: Gender, Homelesness, and Mutual Aid in Early Nineteenth-Century Montreal.”

Rudy, Jarrett. “Women Smokers in Montreal: transformations in liberalism, mass consumption and gendered space, 1888 to 1950.”

Taschereau, Sylvie. “Behind the store: Montreal shop-keeping families between the wars.”

Young, Brian. “The Meaning of Death and Burial to a Patrician Family.”

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