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Prizes and Distinctions

At the last annual meeting of the Canadian Historical Association, two of our members won an award for the quality of their scientific contribution.

Paul-Étienne Rainville received the prize for the best article in French awarded by the Political History Group for his article: " Au nom de l'ordre ou de la liberté ? Le Congrès juif canadien face à la répression des libertés civiles et des droits des minorités religieuses au Québec (1945-1954) ", Canadian Historical Review, 99, 2 (2018): 196-224.

The Canadian Committee on Women's History awared the Hilda Neatby Prize for the best article in French language on women's history to Denyse Baillargeon, Josette Brun and Estelle Lebel for their article " 'J’vois pas pourquoi j’travaillerais pas' : le travail salarié des femmes mariées à l’émission télévisée Femme d’aujourd’hui (Société Radio-Canada, 1965-1982), Recherches féministes, 30, 2 (2018): 39-57.


It is with a great deal of pleasure and excitement that we announce member, Denyse Baillargeon, has been promoted to Professor Emeritus at the Université de Montréal! The University Council ratified this decision on May 6, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the University's research, teaching, development and visibility. We take this opportunity to highlight Denyse’s indispensable contribution to both the Montreal History Group and to the evolution of the discipline of history in Canada! Congratulations, Denyse, for this highly deserved promotion!


With the goal of making our research more accessible and visible, the Montreal History Group has devoted resources to translating a series of previously published scholarly articles written by its members. We are please to introduce our latest publication:

Magda Fahrni,PDF icon Entrevoir l’enfance dans la classe ouvrière à travers l’incendie du Laurier Palace en 1927 : le regard ordinaire, le regard tragique et celui des historiennes et historiens(Translated by Anne-Marie Courtemanche with the collaboration of Hélène Paré) Original English version, "Glimpsing Working-Class Childhood through the Laurier Palace Fire of 1927: The Ordinary, the Tragic, and the Historian’s Gaze", The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth, vol. 8, 3 (2015), p. 426-450.

To find more articles: Montreal History Group- Translations

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Prizes and Distinctions

Paul-Étienne Rainville's thesis « De l’universel au particulier : les luttes en faveur des droits humains au Québec, de l’après-guerre à la Révolution tranquille », was finalist in the 2019 edition of National Assembly Political Book Prize

Isabelle Bouchard won the Jean-Charles Bonenfant Foundation Prize for her thesis entitled, "Political Systems in Search of Legitimacy: Seigniorial Lands," Local Authorities and Powers in Aboriginal Communities in the St. Lawrence Valley ( 1760-1860) " (2017). The prize rewards the student who has written the best doctoral thesis on Québec politics. She also won the John Bullen Prize, awarded annually by the Canadian Historical Association for an outstanding Ph.D thesis on a historical topic.

Laura Madokoro won the Best Book Award (social sciences) from the Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) for her book, Elusive Refuge: Chinese Migrants and the Cold War (Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press, 2016)


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"L'histoire du suffrage féminin au Québec", interview with Denyse Baillargeon, Radio-Canada, Plus on des fous, plus on lit! (26 March 2019)

This week on Aujourd'hui l'histoire: "Les premières actions du Québec contre les accidents du travail" with historian Magda Farhni (15 March 2017)


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