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Class, Gender and the Law in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Quebec: Sources and Perspectives.  Dirigé par Donald Fyson, Colin M. Coates et Kathryn Harvey. Montréal: Montreal History Group, 1993.

Table des matières:

Colin Coates. "Community or Hierarchy?: Arguments Before the Seigneurial Court at Batiscan.”

Donald Fyson. “A Guide to Legislation in Pre-Confederation Quebec and Lower Canada.”

Mary Anne Poutanen. “Reflections of Montreal Prostitution in the Records of the Lower Courts, 1810-1842.”

Gwen Shulman et Grace Laing Hogg. “Wage Disputes and the Courts in Montreal, 1816-1835.”

Alan M. Stewart et Bettina Bradbury. “Marriage Contracts as a Source for Historians.”

Eric Whan, Tamara Myers et Peter Gossage. “Stating the Case: Law Reporting in Nineteenth-Century Quebec.”

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