Jewish General Hospital

The Jewish General Hospital is a 637 bed tertiary care center first opened in 1933. Besides serving a multicultural clientele, it also serves a population in which more than 20% are over the age of 65, the largest percentage of the McGill teaching hospitals.

The Division of Geriatric Medicine has a a 32 bed acute care ward which accepts patients mostly from the emergency room as well as from the rest of the hospital and occasionally directly from the community. Consultation services are provided to the Emergency Department and for in-patients on other services.

The Division has several outpatient community clinics including the Geriatric Assessment Unit (GAU), the Memory Clinic and the Geriatric Oncology Clinic.

The GAU has a multidisciplinary approach to the patient involving geriatricians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers. The multidisciplinary staff carries out home visits regularly.

The Anne and Louis Goldfrab Jewish General Hospital/McGill University Memory Clinic consists of geriatricians, neurologists, neuropsychologists, and nurses with a special interest in the evaluation and treatment of early memory impairment. A patient brochure is located here.

The Geriatric Oncology Clinic promotes a comprehensive approach to the care of older patients with cancer and their families by collaborating with the treating teams to develop an individualized, integrated plan of care and make recommendations based on a multidimentional assessment.

Research in the areas of pharmaco-epidemiology, epidemiology of frailty, delirium, dementia, and health care delivery is carried out at the Jewish General Hospital.

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