GÉPROM: Membrane Proteins in Health & Disease

GÉPROM’s primary research focus is to understand the function and role of membrane proteins in both health and disease. The group’s efforts can be divided into 3 distinct thematic areas which are outlined below:

Theme 1. Molecular Basis of Disease

  • Diseases of membrane excitability (Bowie, Blunck, D’Avanzo, Shrier, Sharif, Sauvé)

  • Folding Diseases (Hanrahan, Lukacs, Trempe, Multhaup)

  • Bacterial/Viral Pathogenicity (Rouiller, Sygusch)

Theme 2. Structure/function of membrane proteins

  • Ion-channels (Bowie, Blunck, D’Avanzo, Shrier, Sharif, Sauvé)

  • Transporters and Symporters (Bichet, Brett, Hanrahan, Lamoureux, Lapointe, Lukacs, Orlowski)

  • GPCRs (Claing, Hebert)

  • Others (Baron, Multhaup, Rouiller, Schwartz, Sygusch, Trempe)

Theme 3. Innovative Approaches

  • Imaging techniques (Wiseman, Blunck, Brown)

  • Novel reagents

  • Drug Design (Moitessier)

  • Computation (Mousseau, Lamoureaux, Moitessier)