About Us

GÉPROM is a research group supported by the FRQS (Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec), McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Office of Vice-Principal of Research and International Relations as well as Université de Montréal through a CEDAR (le Comité d'étude et d'administration de la recherché) grant. GÉPROM is a relatively recent group (June 2001) but continues the directive of the Groupe de recherche en transport membranaire (GRTM) which was formed in 1980 by Drs. Guy Paquette and Serge Carrière, chairmen of the Department of Physics and Physiology, respectively at the Université de Montréal. GRTM was made up of biophysicists from the Physics department and a few investigators of the Faculty of Medicine to create a research team interested in membrane transport.

In 1984, this initiative has led to renovation of a wing of the main building at the Université de Montréal to host GRTM and create its initial infrastructure. This infrastructure not only permitted the regrouping of all biophysicists of the department of physics, the researchers of the department of physiology and one of the principal members of the Research Center Maisonneuve-Rosemont in one place but also installed a common infrastructure. The first group director was Dr. Raynald Laprade and the founding members were: Richard Béliveau, Michel Bergeron, Alfred Berteloot, Yvan Boulanger, Jean Cardinal, Philippe Crine, Gustave Denis, Michèle Gagnan-Brunette, André Gougoux, Christiane Malo, Jacques Paiement, Guy Roy, Rémy Sauvé and Patrick Vinay.

In 2006, GÉPROM broadened its mandate to include researchers interested in membrane transport from McGill and Concordia universities and is currently made up of 30 regular members who investigate the structure and function relationships of membrane proteins at the atomic, molecular, cellular, and/or animal levels.


GÉPROM Directors, past & present:

Dr. Jean-Yves Lapointe
(UdeM, 2001-2009)

Dr. Lucie Parent
(UdeM, 2009-2014)

Dr. Derek Bowie

Dr. Derek Bowie
(McGill, 2014-Present)




Raynald Laprade (1985-1990)

Rémy Sauvé (1990-1995)

Raynald Laprade (1995-1997)

Rémy Sauvé (1997-2001)